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  • Helps dry hair regain moisture
  • Helps promote hair growth
  • Helps darken hair, great for gray hairs
  • Deeply nourishing hair treatment
  • Helps to prevent and control dandruff and dry scalp
  • Treatment for use whenever your hair needs extra care and repair
  • Helps to correct porosity, weakness and split ends from styling or chemically treating your hair
  • Adds protection to your hair to protect it from damage
  • Puts back natural softness and condition for better manageability when styling
Why it's so great: 
  • Coconut Oil deeply nourishes your hair from root to tip
  • Carrot oil to stimulate the roots and restore hair strength while promoting new hair growth 
  • Sesame oil to darken the hair, great for pre-mature graying or graying in general.  Also highly nourishing, anti-bacterial and excellent for dry scalp treatment
  • Shea Butter helps fortify hair against future damage 
NO Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Preservatives or Artificial Color.
Ingredients:  Raw organic virgin coconut oil,  raw unrefined shea butter, organic carrot oil, raw organic cocoa butter, sesame oil,  organic jojoba oil, grape seed oil, rice powder, vanilla essential oil.

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